David's Psychology Family Tree


Tree Diagram

     David Martinez is a doctoral student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. David's advisor is Dr. Kathy Goggin. David is intereted in working in health promotion, prevention and quality of life of chronic or infectious diseases, especially in the Hispanic/Latino community. Before becoming a graduate student at UMKC and while at San Diego State University, David conducted research under the mentorship of Dr. Vanessa Malcarne. The primary focus of this line of research was on quality of life and psychological distress of cancer patients and their spouses.

     David is currently working on several projects as a graduate student. He works on Project MOTIV8 (see Dr. Goggin's page) doing data collection as well as analyzing data for his thesis. David also work with Dr. Jannette Berkley-Patton who is studying evidence-based HIV prevention intervention in the African American church community in Kansas City. David hopes to be able to translate and implement part of this research to the Hispanic/Latino church community in Kansas City. In the future, David hopes to be able to have a career where he can teach, conduct research, as well as practice.